At BBQ+, we look to create a collaborative intellectual community built on solidarity and generosity, where fellows at different stages of their careers work together on various questions at the intersection of issues of race, gender, sexuality, colonialism and socioeconomic status. We investigate these question with deep attention to historical context as well as to the connected realities of minoritized identities in late capitalism. BBQ+ is built on the belief in the need for parallel, alternative and interconnected spaces for scholars of underrepresented backgrounds, and for those working on issues related to colonialism, heteronormativity, patriarchy and white supremacy. 

BBQ+ is a space built on and for the diversity of its inhabitants built for supporting scholars who belong to traditionally marginalized groups, and for influencing how we thinks about questions of race, gender, sexuality and socioeconomic status. This commitment materializes in our emphasis on serious and generous engagement with each other’s work. For us, generosity means serious investment in each other’s work and success, and actively embracing and building the diversity of our community.

The BBQ+ Community is composed of the Board of Directors, Senior Fellows and Junior Fellows. The center encourages intergenerational engagement between all members of the community.