Ventricles Podcast

Featuring interviews with scholars working at the intersection of science, religion and culture, Ventricles Podcast explores the temporal and geographical depth of knowledge production throughout the world. Season One includes episodes on Polynesian navigation techniques, the long history of time-keeping technologies, the role of the pulse in Greek, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, and Mexico’s centrality to the history of the birth control pill, among others. 

Ventricles is written and produced by Shireen Hamza.  You can find the podcast on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, Overcast and TuneIn.  Listen to Episode One on the history of timekeeping technologies and Episode Two  and Episode Three on the history of pulse diagnosis, Episode Four on the history of currency, Episode Five on indigenous Polynesian sailing technologies, Episode Six on how literature has imagined the future of the Middle East, and Episode Seven on various questions in the history of medicine. Episodes Eight and Nine are about the history of two technologies made in Latin America: cybernetics and the birth control pill.